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Episode Outline

So how was my day? Well, it was pretty darn good, thanks for asking. Today I got official confirmation of a new job. As of November 30th I will cease to be a lawyer, and it's not a moment too soon. For all of you crazy students out there who dream of becoming a lawyer, the only thing I can say! Run now! Save yourselves! What's that? You don't care about my new job? You just want me to get to the Prison Break recap? Well, aren't you rude. Fine, fine, here goes....

We open with McGrady, who's asking Michael whether his outfit looks ok. Sheesh, he's such a girl. Anyways, we learn that McGrady's father is coming by today, hence the "nice" clothes. Michael feels bad for the kid, like I do, and tells him he looks all sharp. McGrady grows on me in moments such as these. I think my biological clock is ticking, because I just want to mother the damn kid.

Michael isn't up to visiting with Linc, and so he turns to leave immediately after receiving confirmation that LJ is still alive. We also see some guys doing some construction work on one of the cell windows near the visiting area. Linc tells Michael he believes that the Company intended to kill the two of them and LJ after Whistler was delivered. Linc realizes that Michael is super-pissed at him and apologizes, but it's all for naught. Michael says there's nothing he wouldn't do for LJ and he is angry that Linc doesn't understand that and chose to use him instead. Linc looks pained as Michael walks away. I have a little tear in my eye when I think about the possibility that after everything Michael sacrificed to save his brother, that the two of them would end up separating. Or maybe it's a headache. I'm not sure.

Susan (aka Gretchen.....*sigh* what do I call this girl now?) arrives back at her hotel room to find Pad Man (aka the General from Season 2) waiting for her with two goons. Goons seem to do ok on this show. They get quite a bit of face time. Sure, some of them end up dead, but "goon" is a high risk job, man. You gotta live in the moment. Anyways, Pad Man seems disapproving of the status of Operation "Use Scofield to break one of our guys out of Sona, but make it seem like our guy isn't our guy, and bring in a civilian to do this job because we can't do it even though we can murder presidents and do all sorts of other important/powerful stuff, but somehow can't get one guy out of jail". Sheesh, I hope that freaking Operation has an acronym. By the way, Susan looks freaked out to see Pad Man.

Pad Man announces that the Operation is ending and wants to "bang and burn". But Susan says that method is "impossible". Pad Man uses his goons to drive his power trip home and tells Susan that when he wants her opinion, he'll ask her....which will be never, because he's in charge.

Susan's visiting with Whistler, and tells him they're going with the "bang and burn" plan. Whistler thinks its suicide and wants no part of it, but Susan insists that her boss has laid down the law. Hrm....then maybe Pad Man isn't Whistler's boss as well. I'm so confused. Susan insists on the plan, otherwise she's happy to leave Whistler to rot in Sona. She tells him to "be ready by 5:00 p.m. Everyone goes". Whistler asks about Scofield and Susan replies "kill him". Pfft, like that's really gonna happen.

Commercials are on. So, I'm going to LA for New Year's this year. I plan on finding Paris Hilton and smacking her in the face. Should be fun

Back in Sona, Whistler seems to be having a crisis of conscience. And Lechero is covertly talking escape plans with Michael. Apparently the construction work from earlier is the military reinforcing the window bars of the prison, which does not bode well for Michael's escape. Lechero indicates that he has another plan in mind but gets called away by Sammy.

Sammy is reporting on Lechero's rapidly-declining status as head cheese and wants to bring on new goons. Lechero isn't feeling very trustful right now, but agrees to possibly taking on a new guy: Christobal.

Susan's coordinating the bang and burn plan in some room filled with other operatives. She wants something that will withstand "heavy RPG and small arms". I think RPG stands for rocket-propelled grenade. And I don't want to spoil it for you guys, but I'm pretty sure she's looking for a helicopter. One of the operatives is worried that they're doing this at 5:00 p.m. but Susan doesn't really care what he thinks.

Sofia receives a call from a man claiming to be Whistler's landlord. Sofia is clearly confused, because she's not aware that Whistler has another apartment. I have a feeling she's about to become very confused very soon when she realizes there's more to Whistler than meets the eye. We see someone (like a Company goon) listening to her conversation. This guy calls up Susan.

Whistler's reviewing his bird book and we see the note: Mahone....Company? Drugs? Family +" in it. Whistler rips out that page and burns it just as Michael comes in to announce that they have four more days. Michael says Lechero might have a plan, which is good because his genius brain is fresh out of ideas. Can you imagine the therapy these guys are going to need after this? The post-traumatic stress? Michael also confronts Whistler about his most recent visitor, who Whistler announces was a Company girl. Whistler makes it seem like Susan was intimidating him and walks off. Whistler goes into the courtyard and gives some big guy money in exchange for something wrapped in a towel.

Mahone's hallucinating in his hotel room when Lang stops by for a visit. He admits to her that he killed Oscar Schales and that he enjoyed it. He also admits that he used to take drugs and had to improvise in Sona when the prescription meds weren't available. Lang offers to score some drugs for him (sheesh, my coworkers aren't cool like she is) and Mahone takes her up on her offer so he can testify.

Michael and Whistler are observing the workmen reinforcing the steel bars when T-Bag comes by with a secret note from Lechero. Michael refuses to tell T-Bag what he's up to and seriously, I would think that T-Bag, having been through a prison break with Michael once before, would be able to figure it out himself. We see Lechero's sent the boys a sketch of his quarters, with a note that they should come at 4:00 p.m. As Michael walks off we see that Whistler bought a shank off the guy earlier.

Sofia's touring Whistler's secret apartment and finds a bag full of shredded paper, a passport and some other documents in a desk.

Michael and Whistler arrive at Lechero's place and Michael believes it contains another door. They find one with a keypad and use the code Lechero sent to enter. Unfortunately, the code doesn't work on the second door they find and Michael wonders if T-Bag is setting him up. Whistler takes out the shank and apologizes to Michael.

Before Whistler has a chance to make a shish-kebob out of Michael, Lechero arrives. Lechero opens the second door and the boys enter some underground tunnels. We learn that the military blew up the tunnels after the riots and there's still a wall of dirt and cement that Lechero wants Michael to dig through because "he's the engineer". Look, Lechero, you don't need an engineer here, you just need a couple of strong guys. You don't need a university degree to dig. Michael suggests, instead, that they dig up.

Sofia has found a US passport that belongs to Whistler, also known as Gary Miller. Susan walks in and greets her by name. When Sofia tries to leave, Susan warns her to stop playing Nancy Drew, or she will suffer extreme consequences.

In the tunnel, Michael's suggesting they rig up some support so they can dig out of the tunnel and up into no-man's land. As Michael announces that the digging could take two days, Sammy appears and Whistler and Michael hide. Sammy and Lechero go to greet Christobal and his boys and Whistler hides the shank and he and Michael re-enter the tunnels (which Michael wisely rigged so he wouldn't require the code to re-enter).

Sullins enters Mahone's room and wonders why Mahone's freaking out. Sullins announces the meeting is going to happen NOW.

Susan arrives back at the operatives meeting room to find out that everything is in place.

Whistler starts acting claustrophobic and goes to leave, but Michael's suspicious of him. Clearly Whistler is biding him time until the 5:00 p.m. escape. Lechero hustles them out of the tunnel and Michael asks for his cell phone to call Linc, but Lechero denies him.

Linc and Sucre are renting some cabin in the woods for $100 a month. Man, I am so getting ripped off with the rent I'm paying on my condo. As the two of them enter the woods, Linc tells Sucre he and Michael would understand if Sucre left, but my boy Sucre wants to stay. And thank the lord for that! We see that they're using an old ghetto-blaster to record the sounds of shots being fired.

Michael asks McGrady to have his father deliver a message to someone on the outside, but McGrady says his daddy's a good, honest man. Michael admits that he loves his brother (is that the truth or an act, I wonder) and tells McGrady that if he doesn't do this, something bad will happen to Linc.

McGrady's father arrives. Oh god, I think this scene is going to make me cry. Why am I so emotional for teenagers in prison and their lovable fathers who are so sad over their situation? McGrady says his American friend needs his help. Five feet away, Sofia is visiting with Whistler. Whistler tells Sofia not to go near Lincoln today. Sofia is clearly suspicious of Whistler and tells him about the landlord calling her. Whistler lies and says it's a wrong number and Sofia clearly realizes that there's more to Whistler than meets the eye.

McGrady's father has come bearing gifts and McGrady tells his father he should accept that he's not getting out of Sona. McGrady asks his father to make the call for Michael and his father walks away, wishing him "happy birthday". Oh yes, right there, that's a tear.

Linc receives a call from McGrady's father, with the message "don't come home for dinner". Linc reveals it's a code that he and Michael used to use when they were kids. It's a warning for Linc to watch his back. Sofia comes up to Linc and Sucre, pissed off that Linc hasn't returned her calls or her car. Elliot Pike, one of the Company boys, is spying on the three of us and tells Susan that Sofia has sought out Lincoln. Susan orders Pike to "take them all out". Susan really likes murdering people, doesn't she? Very trigger happy, that girl is.

Linc quickly works out that the woman who threatened Sofia was Susan and Sofia tells them about the passport. Sofia tells Lincoln that Whistler warned her to stay away. Pike and some of his goons are walking towards the trio with guns....and....hold on, my grandfather's calling me. He just finished the episode (I'm recapping off my PVR, so it's taking me longer to watch it). I totally got him hooked on Prison Break earlier this year and lent him the earlier seasons. He's 75 years old and he loves the show.

Linc uses his phone to call Lechero's cell and Sammy answers, wondering how he got that number. Sammy hangs up and Linc, Sucre and Sofia walk away. Lechero tells Sammy it's not of his business who calls his cell phone, but Sammy doesn't approve. Meanwhile, Linc and Sucre manage to rough up the Company goons sent to kill them. There is something so totally hot about men beating up on each other. Pike holds Sofia hostage and tells Linc to drop the gun. Lincoln clearly realizes that these guys are totally serious and instead of dropping the gun, he chooses to shoot Pike in the head. Wow. That was hot too.

At the international hearing, Mahone is scratching himself so hard, he's drawing blood. Mahone gives information on the Company and is acting very erratic. Lang walks in with the drugs, but it's too late to save Mahone from his own insane ramblings.

Michael finds Whistler and is still suspicious of Whistler's actions when T-Bag comes to take Michael to Lechero. Lechero allows Michael to use his cell to call Lincoln and Lincoln tells Michael that they're marked men. Michael realizes that the Company doesn't need them anymore.

At Sona, a helicopter approaches as Whistler makes his way to the roof.

Michael, who clearly can't let a prison break happen without being involved, joins Whistler up on the roof. The military has spotted the helicopter and a firefight between the soldiers and the helicopter takes place. Michael arrives at the roof and starts fighting Whistler. Clearly Michael has forgotten how badly he fared in the last fight with Whistler. And I can assure you that he's not doing much better this time. He manages to grab onto Whistler's waist as Whistler grabs onto the rope hanging from the helicopter.

Lechero and the other inmates are scrambling from the firefight inside the courtyard. Whistler, meanwhile, loses his grip on the rope and he and Michael go crashing down onto the roof. The helicopter aborts the mission and hightails it out of there. Whistler jumps back into Sona and throws off his shirt. Rrrowr. Michael encounters pandemonium in the hallways as the prisoners are running for cover. He's changing his shirt as well (and, hello, tattoo!) when he gets a shotgun to the stomach and dragged off by a soldier. The men are again on their knees in the courtyard.

In her hotel room, Susan looks extremely disappointed that the escape wasn't successful and refuses to answer her ringing phone.

Lang tells Mahone that he's going back to Sona. Guess he's gonna need Michael after all.

Another military man enters Sona. Not the general from last time. Oy, why are there so many new people on this show? I can't keep them all straight. The man singles out Michael and tells him that Michael is the prime suspect in the last two escape attempts. The man tells Michael to "say goodbye to Sona" and Michael gets dragged out of the courtyard while Whistler and Lechero stare dumbly at his retreating back, thinking "where the hell else are we going to find another engineer in this prison to do that digging "up" thing Michael talked about?"

So, that's it, boys and girls. My grandfather is upset that Prison Break is now on hiatus until January 14th. Cousin Joe doesn't know yet (he works nights this week), but I'll tell him soon enough. Cousin Joe will be sad. If he cries, I'm definitely going to make fun of him. I'll see all of you back here in 2008. In the meantime, keep checking our site, because we'll keep updating as new information comes in.

Written by: Clarissa

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