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Episode Outline

Ah.....recapping Prison Break on a Monday night. Now THIS is more like it. As I'm sure you all know, this is the final Prison Break episode and my final recap. It's very sad. I have so many people to thank for everything (gosh, I sound like I just won an Oscar, don't I?). Let me begin by thanking the man who actually brought all of us together: Alex. Alex created this site a few years ago and worked very hard to build it up to what it is. I don't think he and I could have predicted the things we would accomplish together, or the friends that we would become, when I sent him my first email over two years ago, asking if I could write for his site. He gave me a platform to do something that I really love and, for that, he has my gratitude. By the way, this recap is going to be looooong, because I'm not going to divide up the two episodes.

We open with a shot of the ocean and......when did Prison Break become almost exclusively about the ocean? I remember when it was all concrete walls and Chicago winters. Then it was about wide-open spaces and lots of hot weather as the gang was on the run and then....well, now it's all about water. Is this some sort of "water washes away your sins" thing? I don't know. Anyways, Michael is standing on a pier when Lincoln approaches. Michael admits to being very nervous. The boys greet Sucre, who was sitting on a bench nearby. The atmosphere is very tense and the misdirection is totally misdirected, because we all know this is the scene for Michael's wedding. The boys greet a minister and then meet Sara on the beach. She's wearing a pretty dress and hands her lily to Lincoln as she and Michael clasp hands. It is so weird to see a big guy like Lincoln hold a lily.

Cut to a swinging salsa party by the beach. Michael and Linc are sipping on some beers while Sucre does an awesome salsa dance. I can only hope that one day I meet Amaury Nolasco and he can teach it to me. I have to make a comment, however: Sucre's growing his hair back. It doesn't look good. Some men just look better with shaven hair and Linc and Sucre are among them. This 'do is just not working for me. But the dancing makes up for it.

Sucre pulls Sara up for a dance (I'm so jealous....) and the party is interrupted by several cops. Michael and Lincoln, justifiably paranoid after many months on the run, insist that they were exonerated. But the cops aren't there for the brothers: they're there for Sara. They're arresting Sara for killing Christina Hampton. Michael and Linc protest as the cop says they have surveillance camera footage of the murder. Sara is dragged away, calling Michael's name.

A lawyer, sent by Kellerman, is visiting with Michael, Lincoln and Sucre in the condo where Self threw himself off the balcony and Sara was nearly raped by T-Bag. Wow. You think the team could have found some new digs. I don't know this guy's name yet, so he's going to be called Lawyer until I do. Michael hangs up the phone in disgust, saying they (presumably the cops) won't let him visit with Sara. Lawyer says Sara has the right to visitation and he'll do what he can. Sucre asks if Sara can plead self-defence, but Lawyer doesn't think she can. Damn lawyers. It's ok, I can say that, because I'm one too. Lawyer shows the security camera footage of Sara killing Christina Scofield (aka Christina Hampton). The video just shows Sara firing a gun. It doesn't even show who she's shooting at, but maybe there's more they're not showing us. Why does the abandoned warehouse even have a security camera that's still running?

Lawyer says that Christina hid her Company connections so well, so a jury will buy that she was an innocent woman who was killed. Weak, dude. Make something up. You're a LAWYER! That's what we DO! Lawyer says the cops are pissed that Michael and the others were exonerated and they're fully prepared to take it out on Sara. Oh yeah, and Sara's looking at 25 years to life.

Cut to Miami-Dade prison. God, I miss Fox River. This is interesting though....the woman's prison is like a big gym with bunk beds. Are women just naturally less violent in prison and don't need individual cells? Curious. Sara and some other new girls are shown their beds by a prison guard. Oh, the guard (named Guard until I learn otherwise) says that overcrowding and budget cuts mean that the open space is "jail" and the cells are "prison". So it doesn't matter that Sara hasn't been convicted of anything. Daddy, a butch female prisoner, starts chatting up Sara and then quickly disappears when a blond guard comes by. Blond Guard tells Sara she'll put her somewhere else and Sara follows.

Sara enters a room with a few other guards. The guards say they recognize Sara from the papers. They say that several guards lost their jobs and their pensions after the Fox River break, which they blame on Sara. Uh....what? Seriously? They're not even in the same city as the Fox River guards! What's with the prison guard solidarity routine? Sara strikes out at Blond Guard in a surprising display of strength. Nice! The other guards corner her, though, and beat her face good. They obviously know she's pregnant, though, and say they won't go for her stomach.

Cut to a bruised and bloodied Sara sitting on her bunk. She's approached by Daddy and her crew again. We see a woman with short black hair looking on from a balcony.

Ahhhh.....T-Bag. He's chatting up Pad Man. Oh man, this is funny. The two of them are in prison together and they're being all chummy. Is this a friendship born out of necessity? T-Bag tells Pad Man he needs to get his hands on some cash. Pad Man actually isn't very friendly and turns away. Pad Man notices a story about Sara's arrest and incarceration in a newspaper he's reading and shows it to T-Bag.

Pad Man is now meeting with his lawyer. He hands the newspaper clipping to the lawyer and says he wants Sara dead (and he's willing to pay $100,000 for it). He tells the lawyer to use his rainy-day fund for the hit. The lawyer (Joe) is hesitant, but Pad Man tells him to get this information to the "sister cells across the compound". Ah, I see. The male and female prisons are linked. Joe delivers this information to a guard and it eventually gets passed to Gretchen! Remember her? She's in prison with Sara. And she cut her hair.

Sara's looking for a place to eat lunch and it seems that prison cafeterias are about as awkward and cliquey as high school. Sara goes to sit with a scary looking lady, but Gretchen offers her a seat at her table instead.

Sara isn't interested in making conversation with Gretchen, who suggests that she find herself some protection with Daddy. Sara starts choking and drops her food. She tells Guard (original black haired Guard who showed Sara her bunk....not to be confused with Blond Guard.....God, why can't these people have names?!) she needs to go to the infirmary. She says she's been given rat poison. Guard is hesitant, but Daddy cuts in and suggests Guard (who's name I think is Culler), take Sara to the infirmary.

At the infirmary, Sara is talking with the male doctor (now named Doctor, as per the pattern we're establishing here). Doctor says they administered the antidote in time and she should be fine. Sara says someone obviously tried to poison her and Doctor says she should take that up with the warden. Doctor tells her how they will deliver her baby, when the time comes. She'll be transported to a hospital, along with armed guards, and she'll be able to see her baby for 30 minutes before they take it away. Would it go to Michael, in that case? Doctor admits that many women are incredibly depressed after going through such an ordeal (uh....yeah, of course they are!) and he recommends that she pretend to be a surrogate to help get over the pain.

Michael's in the condo when he gets a call from Kellerman's lawyer (named Phillips). Phillips calls with news that Sara was poisoned that day. Michael hangs up.

Turns out Michael went to visit his old arch-nemesis, Pad Man. Pad Man fakes no knowledge of Sara's poisoning and is genuinely surprised to hear that she's pregnant. Michael offers his life for Sara's, but Pad Man says Michael would suffer infinitely more if Sara were killed. He pretends he has no knowledge of what happened again and Michael walks off in disgust.

Michael's visiting with the Warden now, who is very flippant about Sara. Michael screams (hot!) that Sara isn't safe in the prison. He begs her to move Sara to another facility (she won't) or to the SHU. She asks if there's something she should know about the structural integrity of the SHU and Michael scoffs. Come on, buddy, she's got you there. You have broken out of several prisons. Warden says she knows who Michael is and she's not going to let a prison break happen on her watch, damnit! Warden also says she doesn't give a flying fig that Sara is pregnant (bitch). Michael's nose starts bleeding again and Warden hands him a tissue as Michael looks out the window and studies the yard.

Back at the condo, Michael tells Sucre and Linc about his meeting with the Warden. He says they don't have a choice and they can't wait for the stupid lawyer, Phillips, to do anything. Sucre shakes his head, like he knows what Michael is going to say. And then he says it: "We're breaking her out". Of course!

Back in Chicago, Mahone is going in front of some FBI review board. Lang (I love her!) is testifying on his behalf and saying some nice things. But Sullins (his old mean FBI boss who made the deal with C-Note) is still pissed about Mahone going rogue. The board decides not to reinstate him in the FBI. Mahone gets up to leave, but Sullins stops him. He says that Sara was recently arrested and is being held in prison. The FBI is concerned that Michael might break her out and they want Mahone to set up Michael if he does decide to go on another prison breaking rampage. Sullins says Agent Wheatley, based in Miami, will be Mahone's contact. Mahone doesn't like this plan (seeing as Michael, you know, got him out of a Panamanian prison - yo!), but Sullins tosses his FBI badge his way.....all the better to lure him in.

Back at the condo, Sucre arrives to say Agent Wheatley is standing guard downstairs. Michael tells Sucre to go back to Chicago if he doesn't want to get into trouble again, but Sucre is not just going to abandon his boyfriend, Michael. He just WON'T do it!

Michael hasn't re-created his wall o' prison breaking information, but he has been collecting newspaper clippings of past Miami-Dade prison break-outs. None of them were successful, but none of them were probably planned by a two-time breaker, and structural engineer, like Michael. Michael says the prison officials retrofitted the prison after the previous failed escape attempts. He keeps grabbing his head (as he did earlier in season 4 because of his tumor). Lincoln notices and asks if he's alright, but Michael brushes him off. Michael sends the boys off to do recon work at the prison.

Cut to said prison, where Culler drags Sara away. Daddy joins her in a dark hallway and invites her to join PI (prison industry) in the motor pool.

Michael is driving around Miami and notices that he's being followed by Agent Wheatley. Michael stops his car and confronts the agent. Wheatley warns Michael not to try anything with Sara in prison.

Sucre and Lincoln are set up on the road outside the prison. They're using dry ice to fake a broken-down car as they take photos of the prison and measure distances using a laser tracker thingy. Michael calls to check in and we see him go into a medical clinic.

In the motor poll, Sara is fixing some cars. Daddy and her "wife" argue, because it seems Wifey isn't pleased that Daddy is taking a liking to Sara. Daddy tells Sara how important it is to have a family inside prison. When Sara is non-committal, Daddy tells her to take the car oil and put it outside in the repository.

Outside, Sara sees Linc standing by the fence, watching her. Sucre tells Linc they have to go and the boys leave. Gretchen comes by and confronts Sara. She wants to know what Linc is doing by the fence. Oh, Gretchen, are we thinking Sara is your meal ticket out of there? Cause I'm pretty sure that won't happen. Sara isn't going to forget that Gretchen tried to kill her down in Panama and isn't too eager to chat.

Cut to the men's prison, where another prisoner tells T-Bag to pass a message to Pad Man: his girlfriend in the woman's prison will kill Sara for less than Pad Man's reward. In fact, the chick will settle for $30,000. Then he changes the offer to $40,000. Did this guy go to prison for his total lack of negotiating skills? T-Bag goes to confront Pad Man, who quickly dismisses him.

Sara goes to Daddy's cell to talk to her. Daddy's voice is totally familiar to me. Did she play Kit in that movie A League of Their Own? Sara tells Daddy she wants to join her, but Daddy says her offer has been revoked. Sara begs her and Daddy acquiesces. She tells Wifey to scram. Daddy tells Sara she has to prove her commitment to the "family" and that involves being branded on her shoulder. I think this is the scar we saw on Sara's shoulder in the finale episode (although that scar was straight and the brand is an "S" shape).

Lincoln and Sucre arrive back at the condo and are greeted by Mahone in the parking garage. The guys all hug (weird) and Mahone says he has news. He says the FBI has a lot of agents watching the boys. Michael is pissy, again. Michael, what more does Mahone have to do to prove to you he's on your side?! Seriously. Michael asks Mahone if he made a deal with the FBI and Mahone tells them that Wheatley is the point man and if they're going to break Sara out, they've got to be careful. He also offers to help.

Sucre and Linc tell Michael about Sara working in the motor pool and the fences and cameras. Michael comes up with a plan, in about 10 seconds (naturally) that will involve them breaking in close to the motor pool. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's back up here for a minute. Is it really THIS easy to break into a prison? Is this some crazy minimum-security prison? Because Michael's Fox River plan was much more complex than this. Michael says they need to get information to Sara about where she needs to meet up with him.

Said information is apparently conveyed in a note, which the Warden has just approved fit for delivery to Sara. The first line of the note references the origami flower Michael made for Sara and she realizes that the note contains a clue. She folds the paper like a flower and sees his instructions: she needs to be at the oil dump tomorrow at 7 p.m.

The boys arrive back at the condo to find Wheatley going through the information they gathered about the prison. Michael tells him they haven't committed any crimes. Wheatley leaves.

It's shower time inside the prison, where Gretchen is chatting up Culler. Gretchen asks Culler for a favor (in exchange for sex). The favor involves the guards tossing Daddy's prison cell, where they find some drugs. Daddy gets escorted to the SHU.

At the condo, Linc announces that Sofia is making arrangements for their escape to Central America. More running....always running. Lawyer Phillips calls to say the Warden will agree to supervised visitation now that a judge has ordered it and Michael rushes to the prison.

Sara is escorted in to meet him while the Warden and Culler stand on the other side of a two-way mirror. Michael is horrified and shocked to see the bruises on Sara's face. Sara insists that she and the baby are ok and Michael apologizes for her being in there because of him. Sara tells him her protection is gone and the two of them manage to speak in code to confirm that she understood his note. The Warden puts an end to visitation and Culler takes Sara away.

Outside the prison, Michael runs into Wheatley. Wheatley (now code-named "Jackass") says that he noticed a blind spot by the fence and he's now having security cameras installed to ensure that Michael can't go through with his plan.

Back at the condo, the boys are trying to come up another plan. Wait, IS this the same Company condo from earlier episodes? The layout confuses me sometimes. Whatever, it doesn't matter. Michael brings up parachutes and Linc's all "are you freaking NUTS?!" Michael says he's got a plan (of course he does) and says they need some help from an old friend.

Lincoln goes to visit T-Bag in prison. T-Bag isn't eager to help the brothers out, but Linc says T-Bag needs to set off the fire alarm tomorrow night at 7:30. Linc offers $5,000, but T-Bag wants more. He says Pad Man's lawyer has $100,000 and if Linc can get him that money by 7:00 the next night, he'll help.

Wheatley meets up with Mahone. Mahone! Shame on YOU! It was Mahone who told Wheatley about Michael's plan. Mahone says his job is done, but Wheatley says it isn't.

Sara's walking through the prison yard when Gretchen corners her again. Gretchen says she knows Michael is going to break Sara out and she wants in. She also admits that Pad Man ordered her to kill Sara, but she's not eager to take his orders anymore. Gretchen tells Sara that she needs her to escape. Ha! It's the formation of the Fox River 8 - Miami-Dade Women's Prison style.

Cut to Michael filming a message of himself. We only see a moment of it.

Sucre and Lincoln are discussing the flaws in Michael's plan. Michael comes in to tell them more details. The plan is still happening at 7:00 that night, but now Sara has to make it to the chapel. Mahone arrives and Michael tells him to find a plane and a pilot. He tells Sucre and Linc to find the money for T-Bag.

Pad Man calls his lawyer, Joe, who explains that there's some troubles with the lady they hired to get close to Sara (someone other than Gretchen?). Pad Man tells him to put an open bounty on Sara's head.

Inside the woman's prison, Wifey asks Sara to play some cards with them. Sara doesn't want in and tries to walk away when Wifey tells her about the bounty on her head. Culler comes by to say Sara has a visitor.

Sara meets with Michael again. This time Wheatley and the Warden are watching. Michael gives her the new location in code: he tells her to "pray for them tonight". Lincoln is meeting again with T-Bag and tells him that he needs more information. T-Bag doesn't have any, but he's willing to ask for more details.

Back at the condo, Mahone tells Michael they have a pilot. Michael's doing a little science experiment involving electricity in hopes of finding a way through the electronic lock of the prison door. Mahone goes to the balcony (yeah, I think this IS the condo from before) to call Wheatley, who wants more information.

Back in the bathroom, Sara and Gretchen are waiting to take showers. Sara notices the guard and some other prisoners leaving. One of Daddy's crew attacks Sara with a shiv. Gretchen steps in (like Mahone did with Michael in Sona) and fights the chick. She pushes her against the wall and....oh my God. I actually gasped out loud when it was revealed how Gretchen killed the chick: she pushed her head against the wall, right where a coat hook was located. As in, the chick got stabbed in the back of the head. Wow. Gretchen asks Sara if they're friends now as the guards come back in.

A guard tells Daddy, locked in the SHU, that one of her crew is dead. She says that Sara and Gretchen did it and Daddy's really pissed.

Michael and Mahone go to meet the pilot, who tells them that their plan isn't going to be easy. The pilot agrees to the plan and then Michael asks Mahone for a favor: if he doesn't make it, he wants Mahone to make sure Linc and Sara get out of the country. Michael also hands him a DVD and says "I trust you". The DVD is addressed to Sara and Linc.

Back in the men's prison, T-Bag is composing a note, which he gives to Pad Man. He makes it seem like Sara's would-be assassin is requesting information about Pad Man's man on the outside: Joe. T-Bag manages to snag Joe's phone number and calls Linc with the information. T-Bag reminds Linc to wire the money to his account.

Sucre, having just gotten off the phone with Sofia, says that she'll meet them in the Dominican Republic and will go with them to Costa Rica. Does Costa Rica not have an extradition treaty with the US? I look this up and the first hit on Google is about the "US-Costa Rica Extradition Treaty". In light of this easily obtainable information, this plan seems stupid.

Michael thanks Sucre and they bump knuckles. Michael heads off.

The guards are trashing the cells and are pissed that one of the prisoners is dead and no one is talking. The female prisoners, Sara and Gretchen included, are lined up in the common space. Gretchen shows Sara a wooden pendant she made for her daughter, Emily. She says she wants to give it to her daughter for her birthday and that's why she needs out. Sara tells Gretchen they need to get to the chapel.

Sucre, dressed as a paint guy, arrives at lawyer Joe's house. Sucre breaks in and Joe tries to make a break for it. Unfortunately, Linc corners him in his car. Mahone drops off Michael at the parachute store (or whatever). He sees the DVD Michael gave him earlier and calls Michael back before he can go into the store. Mahone says "there's a better way".

In the prison, Gretchen and Sara meet up. They get into a line of prisoners and they notice that Daddy has re-entered Gen Pop. Not good.

The ladies are in the cafeteria now and Gretchen warns Sara they're going to have to fight.

Pad Man calls Joe about the fake note T-Bag gave him. Joe says that two guys took the money from him and Pad Man hangs up angrily.

T-Bag greets Pad Man and taunts him with the fact that he's now in possession of some money. Pad Man curses him and puts a pox on his house! Ok, he doesn't, but he's very mad.

Linc meets up with Michael and Mahone at the airstrip. Michael and Linc chat about little Scofield Junior as Mahone goes off to make a private call to Wheatley. Mahone tells Wheatley about the parachute plan. Dude! NOT cool!

Wheatley has obviously told the Warden about the plan, because she orders more guards and tells them to cut the lights and bring her Sara.

Back in the cafeteria, Sara tells Daddy that she doesn't really know what happened to her crew member and insists that she was just defending herself. At the name time, Gretchen goes to chat up Culler. Daddy takes out a shiv as Gretchen tries to distract Culler. Daddy lunges at Sara, who pushes her out of the way and a good old-fashioned prison riot breaks out. Culler manages to stab Gretchen in the leg before she knocks her down. Sara steals Culler's keys.

Wheatley arrives at the prison. Guards are swarming the yard and a plane sounds overhead. Someone jumps out of the plane and comes down in a parachute. It's a decoy right? The guards shoot the man as he lands on the ground. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a decoy.

The guards move in on the parachute guy to find that it's a dummy. Of course it is.

HA! Michael got inside by hiding out in Wheatley's car. Wow, that's got to sting. It's called irony.

An alarm sounds in the prison and T-Bag hears it. Over in the women's prison, the Warden asks her guards why they haven't brought her Sara yet, but the guards are cleaning up the riot in the cafeteria. Blond Guard notices Culler on the floor and Culler says Gretchen got her. Blond Guard goes to check out the kitchen, but doesn't see Sara and Gretchen hiding in there. When Blond Guard leaves, Sara and Gretna climb into the ducts to make their way across the prison.

They're now outside, running across the yard. Gretchen's suffering from the stab wound in her leg. The make it to the chapel and Sara uses Culler's key to get into the building. Unfortunately, two guards come by. Gretchen puts her hands up and then surrenders herself. Gretchen doesn't give up Sara to the guards (redemption, perhaps?). One of the guards goes to check the chapel as Sara quickly makes her way inside and hides. The guards get called away by the riot and Sara remains safely hidden as Gretchen gets carried away. She sees Gretchen give her a look as she leaves and picks up the pendant Gretchen made for her daughter, Emily. Michael comes by at that moment and asks Sara if she's ready to go.

Wheatley's trying to coordinate the prison search for Sara from inside. Outside, Mahone and Linc are waiting in the car. Sucre pulls up to the wire transfer place with the money. Unfortunately, it's closed for an hour. Of course it is. T-Bag's calling in about his bank account and he learns the money hasn't been transferred. A guard comes over and T-Bag seems willing to give up what's happening in the women's prison.

Michael and Sara are making their way through the empty hallways. They arrive at a door and Michael says that they asked T-Bag for help. But T-Bag's being brought in front of the Warden and Wheatley and he reveals the plan for him to pull the fire alarm. Wheatley and the Warden think that Michael meant for Sara to be evacuated during a fire alarm.

Michael and Sara are waiting for the fire alarm to go off and we hear that the alarm has actually stopped. Michael uses a blow torch to get through the door. As it turns out, Michael had anticipated that T-Bag would rat them out. So Wheatley had the Warden turn off all the smoke detectors in the prison (HUGE violation of the Fire Code, FYI), which allows him to use the blow torch. Clever boy. One of the male guards tells Wheatley they caught Gretchen out by the chapel.

Michael and Sara make it through the door and Michael braces something against the door to ensure someone can't get in easily. They get down to the basement. He brings Sara to the escape door and tells her that on the other side is a tunnel and Lincoln. Michael tries his little science experiment to open up the door, but it doesn't work. He admits he was afraid this could happen and says "I know what I have to do".

Meanwhile, Wheatley makes his way inside the chapel and orders more guards there.

Outside the prison, Sucre meets up with Mahone and Linc. In the basement, Michael says they need to blow the system for the whole building and walks over to the electrical control panel. Michael tells Sara he's going to pull out and re-connect some cables, which will allow the door to open and then she needs to start running. She asks what he's going to do and he stops. He tells her that someone needs to connect the wires and someone needs to open the door. She quickly realizes that he's going to stay behind so that she can be free and she doesn't want to leave without him. He touches her stomach and says "I am coming with you".

My eyes get teary as they kiss and Michael sends her off. She goes. WHY? Surely there's another way! Michael rips out various cables and the lights go off as Sara stands by the door. He brings two cables together. Sparks fly. Sad, operatic music plays and Sara sees a huge shower of sparks. We don't see Michael die, but Sara runs. WHY?! She makes it outside and meets up with the boys. Lincoln asks where Michael is and Sara keeps looking behind her. Linc is upset as Michael doesn't follow. Mahone says Michael isn't coming. That Michael is gone. Dear God, why? Why wasn't there another way? Tumor be damned!

Mahone insists that they leave and the group piles into the car.

It's daytime now. T-Bag is being brought to the SHU. The guards say that the prison considers T-Bag an accomplice. As T-Bag is locked away, he keeps screaming "SCOFIELD!" Unbeknownst to him, his little vendetta is complete. Michael is dead and the fight is over.

The group is still driving in the car. Mahone hands Sara some paper, which contains Michael's blood work. The report from the lab says that Michael's tumor was still present. He was going to die anyways and this was his way of going out and saving Sara at the same time. The group is now on a pier by the beach. Sucre approaches Sara with a briefcase. Apparently he was never going to give the money to T-Bag....he had intended to wire it to Costa Rica for Sara and Michael. Sucre tells Sara to take care of the baby and the two hug. Sucre hugs Lincoln and then walks off. We know that this group will meet up again in the future, but this is sad.

Mahone hands Lincoln the DVD Michael gave him. Linc says Michael didn't tell him about the tumor. Mahone insinuates that Sara and the baby are Lincoln's family now and it's his job to protect them. Mahone calls Sara's name and she turns, tears in her eyes, and says "thank you".

Linc joins Sara and we soon see them on a beautiful (expensive....) boat. They've watching the DVD. Michael basically opens with the standard "if you're watching this, I'm dead" speech. He says that he loves both Lincoln and Sara. He wishes he could be there with them. He hopes that Lincoln will love his new nephew and that Sara will take care of Linc and keep him out of trouble. Michael says he wants child to know that he is loved and how lucky he is to be free. Because that's what they are now. They're all free. Jesus. I hate this show. It's making me cry again. Fade to black.

And that, my friends, is the end. Thank you to my grandfather, who is always happy to talk about Prison Break with me and has followed it with me. Thank you to my grandmother, who tolerates my grandfather disappearing to watch the show on his own every week. Thank you to Cousin Joe, who didn't know until recently about this site or my recaps, but didn't made a stink when he found out that I was writing about him all this time.

Thank you to the producers, writers, cast and crew of Prison Break. Thank you for giving me a show that I loved, hated, screamed at, cried at, laughed at, scoffed at and shared with so many people. But most of all, thank you to all of you. To all of you who visited this site, posted in our forums, read my recaps and sent me emails. I've heard from many fans over the last two years and I'm always happy to get emails and questions, complaints and gratitude. Prison Break is done, but I'm not going anywhere. Alex and I have plans for new sites and new shows. We'll keep you updated. Until then....this is Clarissa, signing off. We've had fun, haven't we?

Written by: Clarissa

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